Burbank: Why you should keep an eye on the Ukrainian crisis

by Jesse Burbank

“It’s very easy to forget the world beyond campus. Often times a college student’s mind doesn’t stray far from the next class, the next night out or the next tweet. However, it’s important to remember that there’s a world beyond Lawrence, and right now that world finds itself in a crisis reminiscent of the Cold War. Ukraine’s uprising and Russia’s subsequent regional occupation threatens to affect every level of society: from gas prices in Lawrence to the renewal of tension between Russia and the West.”


Ginsberg’s Acceptance of Self and Other

In my Kerouac & Ginsberg course, I analyzed Allen Ginsberg’s poem “America” from 1956 and tried to understand his political viewpoint during the Cold War.

“Throughout the poem, Ginsberg refers to America as ‘you,’ ‘we,’ and ‘I.’ He is realizing that despite his criticism for America, he is not separate from it. ‘I’m addressing you. … It occurs to me that I am America. I am talking to myself again.'”