Grand Jury to Hear Española Voter Fraud Case

(SUNfoto by Austin Fisher) Dyon Herrera, 21, arrives for hearing at Rio Arriba Magistrate Court, July 20, in Española. The GMC Yukon pictured was being driven by Lenora Herrera, Dyon’s grandmother, which means he was defying an earlier court order by Rio Arriba Magistrate Judge Joseph Madrid to stay away from her and other parties named in his case.

The New Mexico attorney general’s office will press new criminal charges against Española Councilor Robert Seeds’s campaign assistant, after taking over a State Police investigation into alleged voter fraud.

Seeds won the March 8 race for the District 4 city council seat against incumbent Cory Lewis by just two votes, 238 to 236. Seeds received 94 votes by absentee ballot — two times more than all seven other candidates for City Council seats. Lewis received 10 absentee votes.

Lewis challenged the results in civil court, and now Seeds’s lawyer, Yvonne Quintana, will also defend 21-year-old Dyon Herrera in the voter fraud case, which Attorney General Hector Balderas intends to present to a grand jury.

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