Kansas welfare reform cuts deep with disenfranchised

My last story during my internship. Below find some important related stories, this was a developing story at the time.

“One of the most controversial elements of the law is a $25 daily limit on ATM withdrawals from a TANF account. This provision has drawn national condemnation as an unreasonable restriction on the poor.”

Kansas could lose millions for limiting welfare recipients to $25 at ATMs

Kansas welfare recipients can still withdraw more than $25 from ATMs – for now


Anonymous Bills Prompt Kansas Statehouse Discussion

“A bill which affects a certain industry may come out with a name attached, a name of a legislator whose campaign was funded by that same industry. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be introduced, it means the citizens should get the whole story.”

Bill uncaps limit on carrying concealed guns by public employees

“It’s always a pleasure to talk to you senator,” [Sen. Forrest] Knox said. “I must say, if I was in your home, I think I would want to have a gun.”

Lawmakers examine tuition for veterans

“Regardless of formal residence, the Choice Act covers veterans and their spouses or children who enroll in a higher learning institution wherever they’re stationed within three years after the veteran has been discharged from 90 or more days of service.”

Haley touts bill imposing ‘hate’ crime sentences

“Haley’s legislation would require Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s office to collect and publish data on “hate” crimes. Schmidt also would be responsible for the training of Kansas law enforcement officers in identifying, responding and reporting hate crime.”