Senate gives early OK to transparency bills, but rejects email measure

“The Senate rejected an amendment to the state’s open records law Thursday that would have expanded the definition of a public record to include any information on a ‘personal electronic device’ used by a public agency to conduct government business.”


Bill uncaps limit on carrying concealed guns by public employees

“It’s always a pleasure to talk to you senator,” [Sen. Forrest] Knox said. “I must say, if I was in your home, I think I would want to have a gun.”

Local courthouse employees seek exemption from KORA

“Prosecutors and judges working in Kansas municipal courts requested adoption of a law Thursday to allow for deletion of their home addresses, property records or telephone numbers from public websites as a security precaution.”

Committee tackles victim notification, bounty hunters

“Bondsmen and their bail agents currently go through background checks to get licenses in order to post bail bonds and track down fugitives but they sometimes work with freelance bounty hunters who currently don’t need licenses. Under the new bill freelancers would need to get a background check for a license in order to apprehend fugitives.”

Haley touts bill imposing ‘hate’ crime sentences

“Haley’s legislation would require Attorney General Derek Schmidt’s office to collect and publish data on “hate” crimes. Schmidt also would be responsible for the training of Kansas law enforcement officers in identifying, responding and reporting hate crime.”