Dark Ages: Dealing with Depression as a Millennial

On a cold January night during my sophomore year at the University of Kansas, I’m lying awake in the pitch black of my bedroom at my father’s house in Lawrence. I should be asleep but I can’t stop worrying about school, money and family issues. After hours of thinking about how hopeless life seems, my legs tangled in my sheets and my mind as active as the moment I had lain down, a thought passes through me.

Do I have enough money in my bank account to buy a gun?”

Kayla DuBois made the above piece of art, called “Sorry I Spilled Your Coffee,” during her junior year of high school in 2009. There are about 200 different paintings underneath what you can see on the surface. While the original intent of the piece was different, DuBois says the process of making it was therapeutic for working through the events of an abusive relationship. The piece won a silver medal at the National Scholastic Arts Competition.


The Importance of Context in Snooping

In my Personality Psychology class, I applied the studies of Sam Gosling by snooping on a stranger in public and trying to discern some of their personality traits.

“More concrete conclusions would require observing her at work, in class, at home or out with friends, rather than just one warm day in a packed coffee shop.”