Española City Website Launch Delayed

A screenshot of a preview build of the new city of Española website as it appeared on Aug. 27, 2016.

The launch of a new city of Española website has been delayed until late September, more than nine months after the city signed the contract to build the site.

City Clerk Anna Squires expected the website to launch on Aug. 1, but the company building the site said it won’t be ready until Sept. 22. The city and Manhattan, Kan.-based company, CivicPlus, signed the contract in December 2015.

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Anonymous Bills Prompt Kansas Statehouse Discussion

“A bill which affects a certain industry may come out with a name attached, a name of a legislator whose campaign was funded by that same industry. That doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be introduced, it means the citizens should get the whole story.”

Private emails about public business remain in shadows

“As officials become able to operate in secret without public scrutiny, they are very likely to become abusive of their power and fall into corrupt practices and fall below the standard of good governance. Secrecy always leads to worsening and even tyrannical government.”