Level Design: Technical Skill and Creativity in 3D Space

During my Multimedia Reporting class, I tried to explain the level design process by speaking to David Speyrer, a software developer at Valve; Aaron Garcha, a freelance level designer; and Peter Gelencser at CD Projekt RED.

Game environments are becoming larger and more detailed as graphics improve and product budgets reach record levels.  Level designers must maintain a consistent vision of the final product while creating new places for players to explore.


The Visual Communication of Concept Art

During my Multimedia Reporting class, I asked concept artists how they fit into the video game design process. I spoke with Eric Spray, Brennan Massicotte and David Velazquez.

“Concept artists have influence over many aspects of game design, in terms of visuals and gameplay. They communicate with almost every other member of the development team to help them visualize the product before it’s made.”

Sentiment, Embarrassment, and Learning: Wrangling with Games Criticism

I tried to combine explanatory and first person journalism techniques in a reporting project that turned into more of a personal essay. I spoke with games writers Alec Meer, John Walker and Stace Harman, and identified contemporary gaming publications which employ New Journalism techniques in writing about games.

Game critics aren’t trying to persuade you whether or not to buy a game. At least, not all of them are.